Archery, heading to Central American and Caribbean Games Barranquilla

After winning a place in the pre-qualification of the archery specialty, the Mexican team began its concentration in the National Center for Talent Development and High Performance (CNAR), for the National Outdoor Championship, competition to select the first eight archers who are profiled for a year of great challenges.

Coach Alejandro Velez Sanchez said that at CNAR we have a multidisciplinary team in the areas of medicine, nutrition, psychology, physiatrics, physical preparation and specific methodology in archery, as this championship begins today and ends on the 28th of this month.

“During the week prior to the start of competitions, we had several sessions with the archers, who have had dynamics with topics such as teamwork and concentration based on high competition with a psychologist, present in the pre-competitive process in the CNAR,” said Alejandro Velez.

For those who will be forming the final selection to be defined in mid-April, will be a path of high demand, says psychologist Elsa Chincoya Teutli, in the last session with the archers prior to the national championship.

We work and emphasize the concentration, visualization, and control of emotions as psychological skills of the sport of archery emphasized the specialist.

In addition, a preparation was made during a month including vacations in which the athletes committed to work at a distance and later in presence, concluded the specialist in psychology in the sport.