Being a student and an athlete is rewarded in the United States. While combining academic life with training at Spanish universities is very complicated, American universities offer all kinds of facilities. That’s why more and more young Spaniards are trying to get athletic scholarships in the USA. The American educational system makes it easier for them to organize their class schedules and schedule their exams. Specifically, today we are going to talk about athletics scholarships in the USA.

Don’t miss the adventure of Lorena Martin, a young athlete with a scholarship to Northern Illinois University. The athlete has just achieved the best Spanish record in the 800m sub-23 in Indiana. Today we bring you her experience in the USA:


Lorena Martin got an athletic scholarship to study at Northern Illinois University. Now that she has graduated, she says the opportunity has been incredible. Thanks to the scholarship she has been able to combine her studies at an American university with training as an athlete.

The young athlete says that in the United States they give many facilities to combine academic and personal life with sports life: “The best memories I have of my time in the United States are of tutoring with my Business professors. For me, they are like mentors and have awakened in me a passion for university teaching.



On a sporting level, Lorena says team spirit and leadership are very important. In addition, the athlete remembers that one of the things that most caught her attention when she arrived was the university’s sports facilities: “The facilities are worthy of Olympians,” she admits.

“At first it’s hard to adapt to the training sessions because they’re very different, but I’ve learned to trust the process and my coach and to run on my best marks,” explains Lorena. In addition, the athlete has become captain of her team: “My relationship with my teammates this year is more of a responsibility. Being the captain, I feel the obligation to help them achieve their goals and to help my coach. Without them, I wouldn’t be able to run at -30º in winter. We always push ourselves to be better,” explains the athlete.


Lorena graduated this year and remembers the event with great enthusiasm: “The graduation ceremony was very exciting, for the first time my parents visited my university and had the pleasure of meeting my coaches and teachers. It was a weekend of celebration and the ceremony was beautiful in the basketball stadium and surrounded by my classmates.