Motocross: All about this extreme sport

If you like extreme sports, you are surely a fan of Motocross. Due to its high level of risk as well as a variety of terrain, it is one of the most spectacular and entertaining sports to watch. Pilots must be fit and well trained to withstand the physical exertion that this sport demands. It takes a lot of strength and endurance not to lose control and achieve great jumps with falls of up to 6 meters.

Did you feel like trying this great dose of adrenaline? All right, but first, take a look at this data.

The principles of sport

The origins of motocross go back to the beginning of the last century, in Europe. In the UK to be exact, where the Auto Cycle Clubs and the Scottish Six Days Trial began to shape this extreme sport. However, over the years this type of competition has grown in popularity worldwide. In the 1970s it began to boom in the United States, where the AMA (American Motorcyclist Association), dedicated to the promotion of motocross, has promoted the most competitive and challenging competitions that exist today.

Competitions, points, and champions

There are two classes to compete: the 250 class and the premier 450 class, which represent the size of the engines of the participating bikes, 250cc and 450cc respectively. The riders use outdoor terrain, which is artificially modified to give shape to the circuit in which the riders compete in both classes.

Lucas Oil AMA Motocross” begins its season in March and consists of 24 races on 12 different circuits across the United States, which take place every Sunday for nearly six months until a champion is defined. Its scoring system is very similar to others in the motor world: 25 points for the winner, 22 for the second place, 20 for the third, decreasing in points as you reach the last positions. At the end of the season, the one with the most points in both competitions is crowned champion.

Unlike other events, such as Formula 1 or Nascar, in which the winner is the rider in 1st place at the end of a certain number of laps, motocross does not base its competition system on a number of laps, but on time. That is to say, the race lasts 30 minutes and, once it is over, two more full laps are given and whoever is in the first position at that moment is the winner.

Increase power, reduce weight

As for the systems implemented by the motorcycles and the optimizations made to the engines, motocross tries to keep its motorcycles as similar as possible to those found on the market. However, there are several components that seek to optimize the operation and increase the power of the engines. Generally, the implementations are oriented to the quality of the materials to offer greater resistance and lighten their weight. Titanium, aluminium and carbon fibre are usually the most common.