The best areas of Mallorca for water sports in summer

The advantages of spending your holidays on an island like Mallorca are countless. One of them is the great number of water sports that you can practice on its coasts this summer. The climate of the island, its winds and the temperature of its waters are good reasons to choose a boat trip, try diving, get started with kitesurfing or take your first steps in paddle surfing.

In Hotels Viva you have a wide range of sports to enjoy in Mallorca, including water sports. Choose your favorite aquatic activity and a beach on Mallorca where you can practice it.

Boat trips on the beaches of Alcudia

Alcudia is an ideal place to rent a boat and sail between its beaches this holiday. Its calm waters facilitate access by boat to small coves and caves. A fantastic plan to walk along its coast, bathe in virgin coves, contemplate the imposing views of the bay or enjoy an incredible sunset, all on board a boat through Mallorca.

Alcudia is characterised by its complete infrastructure and unique natural surroundings, which make it a perfect place to practise not only nautical sports, but also water sports and underwater sports. Boat trips from Alcudia are a way of combining sport, moments of relaxation and contact with nature. If you have the necessary qualifications you can skipper yourself; if this is not your case, you have the option of renting a boat with skipper and enjoy the wonderful coves and beaches of Alcudia sailing around its bay.

Diving in the Bay of Pollença, in Mallorca

If you are a diving enthusiast, the Bay of Pollença, in the north of Mallorca, offers you fantastic options for diving at all levels, even if you are a beginner. There are diving spots with crystalline waters, where the sea is full of fish of different shapes and sizes: octopus, sea bream, red mullet or rabbit fish are some of those that will accompany you.

In Punta de l’Avançada the waters are few deep and it is an ideal place to start your dives. Charlotte Cave, also in Pollença Bay, is a simple diving spot with a shallow dive to visit a “C” shaped cave, from which you can always see the light. At the end of the Bay, you will find the Cap de Formentor, a spot reserved only for the most experienced and certified deep-sea divers. You will be able to contemplate arches, caves and an intense dark blue, in addition to octopuses, moray eels, conger eels and groupers.

Board sports in the coves of Capdepera

The coves of Capdepera, Cala Mesquida and Cala Agulla, are ideal to enjoy the sports that need a board. In addition to the well-known surf, there is the wakeboard, in which the sportsman uses foot fixings and for which he needs to be towed by a fast boat that is causing waves. Very similar to kitesurfing, the skier must use the waves to do pirouettes in the air.

These Mallorca coves are also used for the first time in the practice of SUP (Stand-Up Paddle) or paddle surf, one of the most fashionable sports, very complete and suitable for all ages. In this modality, the sailor stands on a board while using a paddle to guide himself through the water.